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    Every month
    Intimate Diary & Photo Sessions
    • *More than a thousand of images from my personal archives*
    • *No restriction, no censorship*
    • "New content every month"
    • *Crafted with passion*

Hello there!


This page will give you access to my intimate photo diary.

For almost 10 years, I’ve been walking around with my camera, shooting everything that catches my eye.

Many images are therefore composed on the spot, but not only… I like to play with the boundaries between reality and fiction.

I photograph the euphoria of life, parties, friendship; the intimacy of love, of naked bodies; the drunkenness of freedom, the inertia of crazy encounters and travels.

I get lost in smiles, skin textures, light leaks… and try to capture the “decisive moment”.


You will also find here photo sessions with pro and amateur models. Always in search of artistic truth, I attempt, compose, make mistakes, repeat. Until pictures can tell a story of its own. 


I share here exclusive content. No restriction or censorship…, but no deadlines either. Updates are posted regularly though.

Wanna know more?



Why am I creating this space?


Because my work can be shared here without any restrictions. No social network censorship, no shadowban, no demonetization or clickbait. Just images crafted with passion.

What kind of content will you find here?


More than a thousand images, taken out of my personal archives. Pictures from my daily life, from the intimacy of my artistic research, but also photo sessions with pro and amateur models. Most of them are exclusive content, which hasn’t been published or shared anywhere else.

Why don’t I share my content on Patreon or Onlyfans?


Simply put, I don’t feel like being part of these platforms of monetized content. 

Teasing on nipple tips and pubic hair, while engaging a primarily male audience to waste tons of tissues does not interest me at all.

How does the subscription system work?


It’s simple : for 5€ + VAT, you’ll have access to all the photos of my diary during a month. This way, you’ll support my work and, if you get fed up, you can - of course ! - cancel the subscription whenever you want. Many ways of payment are accepted, making it a clear, direct and easy process.


Why does it cost 5 euros?


For 5 euros per month - the average price of an orange juice in Paris' restaurants -, you’ll support independent photography without breaking the bank.

You’ll also be helping me to buy film rolls, whose prices are exploding these days. Lastly, you’ll indirectly provide my cat a healthy and balanced diet…

Why isn’t it free?


In an ideal world, art should be free and accessible to all. Reality is artists have to pay bills. Besides, such a self-managed website involves many hosting and management costs.

Analog or digital?


90% analog, 10% digital. Film is not dead.

What kind of equipment do you use?


My every-day best friends are called Canon A1 and Canon AE-1 Program. Those come along with 35mm, 50mm and 80mm FD prime lenses - also occasionally shorter and wider ones, such as the 24mm and 200mm -, plus a 90mm macro.

My favorite medium format camera is a Mamiya 6, with its trio lenses (50mm, 75mm and 150mm).

I then digitize my negatives with an Epson V800 flatbed scanner.

As for digital work, I shoot both photos and videos with a Canon R5. 

Which film rolls do you work with?


For 35mm color films, I mainly use Kodak Portra 400, although the price recently went up (75€ for the pack of 5 rolls, when it was 38€ a couple of years ago). I also use a lot of cheaper films, such as Kodak Gold, Pro Image 100 or Lomo Color Negatives.

As for 35mm black and white films, my favorite product is the Kentmere 400, mostly because of its unbeatable price-quality ratio. Yes, money is important when you shoot films.

For medium format color films, I usually work with Lomo Color Negatives 100, 400 and 800. Their quality is acceptable, plus, their affordable price allows me to shoot without emptying my wallet too much.

As for black and white film stocks regarding that format, the Kodak Tri-X 400 delivers the look I like best.

Do you develop your films yourself?


While I lived in Madrid, I used to develop my black and white negatives in a lab by myself. Today, the price of chemicals is so high that I prefer to leave this work into the capable hands of Nation Photo, which is the best photo laboratory in Paris, bar none. Plus, they are very nice people...


A comment ? A question ? A remark ? Feel free to leave them here…

Aug 21, 2023

Äh, instead of 19. hihi...


Aug 21, 2023

...price recently went up (75€ for the pack of 5 rolls, when it was 38€ a couple of years ago)...?

But so one roll is 15 instead of 18... :-)


Stephan (

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